With the weather looking so promising couldn't let saturday go to waste, decide on gentleman's hours since the eldest has hit that lovely stage of bed sleep good. Arrived around 1 ish, with low tide at 2 things didn't look to promising but the water was like glass so great day for a paddle regardless. Trolled some plastics out echoing the crystal clear water, following a banjo shark around and playing keep the plastic away form the toady for awhile. As we got out to the 7mtr mark spotted a fin disappearing into the water and questioned telling Oli about it or not, then two more came up with a nice curve, all good the dolphin pod was out and playing. They headed our way for awhile and reminded us how awesome kayaking can be before they headed off chasing the bait schools.

Got some baits over the side and started working plastics, shortly after while Oli sorted through the snacks his rod loaded up and the fight was on. A decent struggle and he soon had his 1st for the day alongside, a small 62cm gummy but his biggest to date. Things looked promising as I got a strike whilst releasing the gummy and it was on again, this time not so impressive with a just legal flathead that went back to grow some more. And that was it for the next hour... we paddled over to the mussel farm and had some penguins come play for a little while again reminding us what a great day out it was. Managed to pick up 3 more flathead all just on or under legal that went back and we decided to head in closer and try another drift, huge bait balls covering the sand flats. Couldn't lose a bait for the next hour unfortunately and with Oli getting cold, grumpy and the food all gone it was time to head back in. Dolphins made a return visit as we paddled in and we spent a good 30 minutes with them circling and jumping around us dashing off then returning back, awesome experience.

Great day despite the lousy fishing.
3/26/2012 07:47:10

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