Okay so this is one of my local waters, so not really a fishing with session, but thought I'd share some info to get the ball rolling. Jubilee is located just outside Daylesford and is one of the state government's premier fishing lakes. This means it receives annual stocking of ex brood trout in excess of 2kg. It's a relatively small water with limited shore access although two fishing platforms have been established recently opening up some new grounds to land based fishing. However it's an ideal kayaking location, sheltered from the winds and almost always fishable. Photos and techniques after the break.
I have two main preferred techniques for Jubilee, depenton my mood mostly, if i'm feeling like a paddle then I'll normally troll a couple of hardbodies such as Rapala cd5's or Ecogear sx 40's for a couple of laps, if these do no good then I'll switch over to light vibes like Damiki vault's or ghostblades for a lap. Being such a small lake it doesn't take much time to cover a large % of it so you can mix your lures up a fair bit to figure out what's working on the day. I find perch patterns work well with the abundance of small redfin in the lake at times, for vibes I prefer yellows and copper colours, there's a small honey farm just down the road and always an abundance of bees on the surface.

My fallback guaranteed success(as much as anything is guaranteed in fishing) is to troll or cast a double paternoster rig using either two different powerbait colours or a paddletail softplastic on the lower hook. The rig is weighted with two or three split shot on the bottom, with about a 20cm rise to the first hook, and then another 20-30cm's to the top hook. If i'm casting lures at structure then I'll have this rig trailing behind me, otherwise I slowly cast and retrieve the rig working it back from the shore line to the kayak. 
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